Stories of Grief and God
Wednesday, December 4, 2013 at 02:59PM
Rabbi Daniel Greyber

C.S. Lewis once said about grief, "It needs not a map, but a history." Faith Unravels was written out of the conviction that there is no recipe for how to mourn. I believe in the wisdom of the Jewish tradition and its mourning practices, but I also know they are no panacea. God is no vending machine who, if we put in the right prayers or do the right things, will give us the candy of a long and happy life. I cannot speak about God with certainity, but I can say with certaintity that is not the God I believe in.

What I do believe in is the healing power of stories. This space is dedicated for that purpose. Whether they are stories that you want to share in reaction to reading Faith Unravels or your own stories with faith and grief, if they are stories of truth and stories that respect the dignity of others, those stories are welcome here. In sharing our stories, we can help one another to bring light into darkness and that, I can say with certainity, is what God wants and needs of us.

So, to share your story, just hit the "post a comment" button or look for new stories in this space soon.

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